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Ten Pieces Of Tactical Advice Every Hunter Should Consider

Ten Pieces Of Tactical Advice Every Hunter Should Consider

One of the first things a hunter learns to value is the importance of reliable and functional gear — appropriate for the circumstances expected ahead. A hunter, after all, is nothing without the proper training, and the proper equipment. A good hunter knows the purpose […]

Cleaning Your PC Just Got Easier

Cleaning Your PC Just Got Easier

What is “JetClean”? JetClean is a free registry cleaner for your PC. The program scans your system quickly, and accurately. JetClean wipes out junk files that are in your Windows system, and free’s up the memory in your RAM. The best part about it? It’s […]

Power Tool Review – Mkaita XDT042 Cordless Impact Driver

Power Tool Review – Mkaita XDT042 Cordless Impact Driver

The Makita XDT042 LXT is an 18V Lithium-Ion cordless impact driver kit. In the world of impact drivers, Makita is one of the top names. It is a great tool with many things that make it worth buying. Here are some of the things that make it one of the best impact drivers around.

What Is An Impact Drill?

By using an impact driver instead of a drill you can save yourself a lot of work. An impact driver combines both rotational speed and percussion to help sink fasteners quickly and easily without hurting your wrist. If you do a lot of work that involves sinking fasteners, it might be a good idea to pick up an impact driver instead of a drill.

Variable Speed

The Makita XDT042 LXT can run at a variety of speeds. It can go from 0 to 2300 RPM and 0 to 3200 IPM allowing for a wide range of applications. It is easily able to fasten and unfasten different types of screws quickly and easily into many different surfaces. It delivers power and speed both in a compact device that can be used for a full range of fastening and driving tasks.

Compact Design

This impact driver has a very compact design. It is less than 6 inches long and weighs just over 3 pounds. This will help users of any size to reduce fatigue during extended use. If you are sick of large impact drivers that simply weight too much, this might be a good option for you. It is also powered by a battery so you won’t be tied to only areas that have an electric socket.

Benefits of a Battery

Makita has an expanding 18V Lithium-Ion series. These Lithium-Ion batteries that power this impact driver have the fastest charging time so you can spend more time working while wasting less time waiting for batteries to charge. Makita’s Star Protection Control helps to monitor conditions and protect against over-discharging, overloading, and overheating. The batteries also have a built-in status indicator.

Battery Pack LED

An LED on the end of the battery pack shows you how much life it still has. You can even see this indicator without having to install the battery into the tool. To ensure that your battery continues to have a long life make sure that you keep it in a cool area while not use. You will have enough battery life to sink many screws before you need to charge it out. One downside to this impact driver is that it only comes with one battery so you will not be able to continue working once it has run out of juice.

One-Touch 1/4“ Chuck

It is easy to change your bit quickly because the one-touch 1/4“ hex chuck that is included with this impact driver. When working with multiple bits that need to be changed often this can help you save time and energy. This typical 1/4“ hex chuck allows for fast bit changes that you only need one hand for. You simply slide the sleeve back before inserting the bit then let it slide back into place. Removing the bit is as easy as sliding the sleeve back and removing the bit. Make sure that you have hex shank bits and not the round shaft bits for this impact driver.

Powerful Motor

This Makita impact driver has a Makita-built motor that is able to deliver 1420 in. lbs. of torque. The torque that it produces allows it to bury screws quickly into just about any surface. It’s compact and ergonomic design includes a soft rubberized grip to increase your comfort. A built in LED light helps to illuminate dark areas and close quarters. The light shuts off when releasing the trigger so you will not waste any of your battery.

It has a brushless motor that is more efficient than other types of motors. They are able to get things done on one battery charge. They do not run with as much noise or as hot as brushed motors do. They also do not need maintenance and will outlive brushed motors so you will need to spend less cash when it comes to replacing your tools.

Hammer and Anvil Impact Mechanism

The Makita XDT042 uses a proprietary hammer and anvil impact mechanism. It is manufactured using only the best materials and using the highest quality steel. A unique heat-hardening process is also used to get the most fastening and driving power.

Warranty Information

This tool includes a 3-year warranty on both the tool and the battery. The kit includes the impact driver, a Lithium-Ion battery, an 18V Lithium-Ion rapid charger, and a tool case to keep it all in.

The Makita XDT042 is an advanced impact driver including power and precision. It is reliable and powerful for use with just about any job that you throw at it. If you have a job that includes driving in many fasteners this is a great tool to save you time and effort along the way.

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tutorials You’ll Be Happy to Know

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tutorials You’ll Be Happy to Know

It is said that cleanness is next to Godliness and we are not only supposed not just to take care of the body’s hygiene but also the environment as well as the house. The house is supposed to clean from the bedroom, the living room, […]

The Best Phone Chargers Of The Century

The Best Phone Chargers Of The Century

Have you ever been out and about, and then suddenly you notice that your battery is at 2%? what do you do? You can feel the beads of sweat on your forehead as you run around town desperately seeking a place that has an outlet. […]

Household Cleaning Tips

Household Cleaning Tips


Let’s face it- cleaning can be a hassle and a challenge, but it also can be rewarding. It feels good to have a nice, clean house. A clean house will make your family happier and healthier. This not only benefits you, but time is well spent doing other things as well, like spending time together as a family.

Did you know that the mop you clean the floors with, may not be as clean as you think? It’s true, unfortunately. If you clean with your dirty mop, you might as well be spreading germs all in your house. It isn’t appealing to anyone to clean with a dirty mop. I suggest some ways of making sure your mop head to get clean. Well, there are some steps you can take to do this. Not all of these steps will be applicable to you, so read on!

Step #1– See if your mop head detaches from the mop. There are some that are detachable and that is a great feature on any mop you own. This can do extreme damage to your washing machine if you don’t make sure it is completely detachable. Sometimes you can just slip off the cloth from the head and wash it. That is the very best, viable option.

Step #2– If the mop head isn’t detachable at all to throw it in the washer, you can get a bucket or other container to soak the mop head in a solution of vinegar and hot water to clean it. This is also an excellent way to disinfect it as well; just let it soak for about 20 minutes and rinse it under running water. This can even be done in a sink or a bathtub, provided you wash the sink or tub before and after washing your mop head.

It is important to pay attention to how you store your mop as well. The storage area should be clean to prevent your clean mop head from becoming dirty. There are different ideas for storing cleaning supplies on the market today. It doesn’t do to have a clean mop head and store it in a dirty closet.

There are many reasons why you cam and should clean your cleaning equipment. Your cleaning equipment gets extremely dirty when it gets into every crack and crevice to rid of all the dirt and dust that accumulates. There is no self-cleaning mop or vacuum, unfortunately. One of the reasons why you should clean your vacuum in particular is because it wouldn’t be as effective if it wasn’t emptied often.

Assortment of tools

There is an assortment of cleaning equipment out on the market today; everything from sponge mops, old-fashioned mops to the newer, reusable mop cloths you can buy to clean your house. Disinfecting wipes are nice, but they are not the only cleaning tool out there you can use. There are certain pieces of equipment almost everyone has; some sort of mop and at least a vacuum cleaner. Maybe you have more equipment and that is great.

Containing the dirt

Another great tip that can contain the dirt and dust can go for any reusable cleaning cloth is to do a separate load of towels and rags apart from all other laundry. This is done so any cleaning rags get sanitized, especially with bleach or vinegar that could damage other clothes. It also makes rags easier to put away as well in one spot so you can grab when you need one.

Spills on the floor

Spills can happen anytime, so it makes sense to have your mop and cleaning tools ready to use. This is very helpful if you have small children who tend to drop things quite a bit. Seconds count when something spills, since you want to stop any liquid from soaking into any carpet or area rugs you may have. To do this, you want to have rags handy. This is not just because cleaning up spills is sanitary, but for safety of the people around you. This is necessary so they don’t slip and fall.

Cleaning Routines

It is imperative to clean the equipment that makes your home nice and clean so it stays nice and clean. Just as you want clean clothes that have been washed and dried the right way, you want a as seen on TV mop makes cleaning easier for you. so you can maintain a beautiful home, condominium, or apartment.

Great Process for Backing up Your Operating System

Great Process for Backing up Your Operating System

With the advent of the personal computer, the way that we view and store personal information has changed dramatically. Not only do we rely on the computer for everything from communicating with family, to looking up recipes, we also rely on the computer to store […]

Top 7 Best USB Car Chargers You Should Buy

Top 7 Best USB Car Chargers You Should Buy

It is never pleasant to be on your way to work, shopping, or whatever sort of outing, only to see the your phone battery is low. However, with a USB car phone charger adapter, this problem is solved because now you can charge it while […]

Android Recovery Options and Reviews: An Insider Look At What You Can Expect

Android Recovery Options and Reviews: An Insider Look At What You Can Expect


There is not one digital device that is infallible these days. There is going to come a time when your device will break down. There may be a routing error and you end up losing over half of your data and memory. You may lose the memory card itself. Your device may end up being broken.

Your device may have failed, but that does not mean you still cannot recover most of what you had on it.

Five Great Tools You Can Use To Recover Your stuff

  1. The Dr. Fone Android. It has been given a 5-star rating. It is only good for those who use a PC or a Mac.
  2. The Mobisaver for the Android. It also has a 5-star rating and is only good for PC users.
  3. The Remo Recovery is good. it is only compatible for PC and has between a 4 and 4 1/2-star rating.
  4. The Android Data Recovery Pro. This is for both PC and Mac users. This one only has a 4-star rating, but it is still one of the better tools to use.
  5. The Aiseesoft FoneLab Android. It has been given a 4 to 41/2-star rating. It is also for both PC and Mac users.

Which Times Is It Best To Use One of These Tools?

Keep in mind, these tools are specifically designed to recover your data. You never want to go using these tools willy nilly. Below you will find specific circumstances when you will be encouraged to do so.

  1. You may have deleted your stuff accidentally. It happens.
  2. Your MicroSD card has become corrupted in some way. Do not attempt to fix it yourself. You may end up creating more problems. Use one of these tools.
  3. You may have gone through and upgrade or your device has been reset. In either case, some or most of your data have been lost or re-routed. One of these tools can help you to reclaim what was once yours.

What Do You Need To Look For When Shopping Around For Your Recovery Tools?

Up above you found the top 5 tools to help aid in your data recovery. However, there is more you need to keep in mind.

1) The program should not corrupt your system in any way. It needs to be safe and secure on all levels. The 5 tools listed above are a good start, but these may not work out for you. There are others that offer top-notch security.

2) Some of you may have saved your data internally. Some of you may have done it externally, like using an SD card. Your recovery options need to include both these options. Do not use a tool that only gives you a one-size-fits-all plan.

3) The tools you use need to be able to recover everything you lost, not just one or two things. Your recovery tool needs to get back everything from your contacts and data messages to pictures and videos. Tools that only offer a limited way of doing this should not be considered, no matter how good the deal is.

4) You should make sure your recovery tool is truly compatible with your devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy or the Google Nexus. It also needs to work well with the operating system. Do not just take their word for it. Their claims need to be backed up before you proceed, otherwise, it is a waste of time, data, and money.

5) You need to be able to get in touch with the technical support regarding your recovery tools. They need to everything from a phone number you can call to a website. Do a Google search beforehand. Recovery tools that do not show up on the radar should come as a warning.

The Truth About Memory Optimizers

The Truth About Memory Optimizers

Don’t you want to have control over the way your computer eats up its resources? A Memory Optimizer will help you achieve this by making sure your computers processes get faster. It also helps utilize the computers RAM in a much more efficient way. How […]

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One of the first things a hunter learns to value is the importance of reliable and functional gear — appropriate for the circumstances expected ahead. A hunter, after all, is nothing without the proper training, and the proper equipment. A good hunter knows the purpose and functional use of each and everything he/she brings with them on the field.

The proper gear, when employed tactically and appropriately, will increase both the success of the hunt, and the satisfaction that hunters so relish. Here, we present a list of 10 different pieces of gear, and advice on how to best employ and preserve them, that every hunter needs to understand before the hunt begins.

1. Create Your Own Concealment

This isn’t just referring to camouflage or hunting fatigues to help you blend in. Hunters should also consider the use of blinds to conceal their movements. Use of a portable blind, or even one made on the spot using pruning shears or another cutting tool, can allow you valuable cover and options for movement in situations where movement will give you away and frustrate your odds of success.

2. Cover The Small Stuff To Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes, the accessory you need, or one that can improve a miserable situation, is one that is overlooked. The same applies for approaching a given situation. For example, a dried bird’s wing can serve as an excellent makeshift fan for keeping cool in hot places — they are designed for pushing air, after all. A pair of pruning shears will make accessing places with thick vegetation much easier. And a walking stick will better enable you to endure traversing rough terrain, and keep the foot blisters and aches a minimum.

3. Don’t Forget To Properly Prepare Your Weapon

Hunting is as much a show of endurance on the human body as it is the wit and intellect of the human mind. That being said, it is best to approach carrying and handling your weapon in a way that can be done comfortably over long stretches of time. Eventually carrying things in your hands make them ache.

Consider a quality gun sling for such a task — one that is comfortable and the right fit for your gun. And be sure to silence any moving parts. If you carry an archery weapon like a bow, consider padding the strings reduce the twang of a fired arrow. For firearms, oil folding gun stocks to keep them silent. Secure any loose or jiggling parts on the weapon, such as scope caps, and try to invest in a suppressor to minimize the report of the weapon. It’s also not a bad idea to consider some kind of anti-glare coating for the lenses of any sights or scopes installed.

4. Calls Are Fragile; Handle Them Appropriately

Animal calls, like turkey, geese, moose, and deer calls, among others (it doesn’t matter what) are all fragile. Not as durable as your other hunting equipment, they should be stored in waterproof, airtight containers to prevent them from being ruined. It is especially important to store them in a durable container to avoid crushing or cracking them.

5. Employ Optics To Give You The Eye In The Sky

Optics will and should always have a place by a hunter’s side. they are essential to giving you a clearer picture of your surroundings, and better situational awareness from which you plan accordingly. Keeping them lightweight and portable is more important to a hunter than extra magnification. Note that this rule does not apply to your weapon optics, which serve a different purpose.

6. Remember The Need To Come Back Safely

Safety is of paramount importance to every hunter, and one should always back their gear accordingly. Never eschew proper safety and survival equipment — hunting is just as much a survival situation for you as it is your game. Pack proper navigation equipment, Hiking or hunting in the dark can be pretty dangerous if you can’t see where you’re going, the brightest headlamp is going to be a very bright one. first-aid kits, and tools for equipment maintenance on each and every hunt.

7. Comfort Is NOT For The Weak

Don’t try to tough it out in the wild or pack only the bare minimum of tools that make your hunting session more enjoyable. You might think folding seats with back support, insect repellent, or a ThermaCELL, are unnecessary, but they will make the task at hand much more bearable and easier. Comfort soothes the mind and reduces stress, and makes a hunter more alert, and able to remain motionless and calm for long periods of time. Never forgo making your hunting session as comfortable and as painless as possible.

8. Proper Footwear Will Keep You Mobile When Needed

The feet are one of the most important parts of your body when it comes to hunting. The need for hunting and tracking down game to capture or kill necessitates mobility and endurance. And to that end, you NEED the proper footwear for the situation. You do NOT want uncomfortable, blistered, feet.

You do not want your feet getting too hot or too hot or too cold. They need to be kept comfortable, dry, and cozy. Plan for the situation, then choose the proper footwear. Choose comfortable footwear that you’re used to using — trying to break in brand new boots will only invite pain and discomfort.

9. High-Quality Head Covers Will Serve You Well

Employ head covers where the situation calls for it, and when it does, be sure to pick on that is the right fit for you. There are different masks for hunters that employ mouth calls, wear prescription glasses, or overheat easily. Remember the rule of comfort when hunting — a comfortable hunter is an efficient and effective hunter.

10. The Rule Of Comfort Also Applies To The Rule Of Fun!

Lastly, hunters should definitely consider spicing up the atmosphere of their hunts — it is supposed to be fun, after all! Don’t hesitate to put a little personality in the gear you bring. Everything from fixed-blade knives made from turkey legs, spur hatbands,wingbone calls, and other hunting decor and give your hunts much more personality.

Making each of your hunts memorable and personal not only make your comfort levels soar (and thus your efficiency), but will give you fond memories to look back on later down the road in the life of a hunter — one of humanity’s oldest past times.

Hunting Gear & Supplies We run the toughest gear tests in the outdoor industry with reviews on the latest hunting bows, optics, trail cameras, fishing tackle, ATVs and more. Find the latest reviews for hunting, fishing, camping, and survival gear at Outdoor. hunting apparel in classic colors such as black, white and tan or add stealth to yourgear with a realistic camouflage print.