3 Kitchen Cleaning Tutorials You’ll Be Happy to Know

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tutorials You’ll Be Happy to Know
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It is said that cleanness is next to Godliness and we are not only supposed not just to take care of the body’s hygiene but also the environment as well as the house. The house is supposed to clean from the bedroom, the living room, dining room, as well as the kitchen which is considered to be the most crucial part of the house because this is where food is prepared and some have even set their dining table in the kitchen area.

One needs to take their time to clean the kitchen from the dusty refrigerators tops to the smoky ovens, as well as the cluttered cabinets. To make the kitchen Sparkline clean, it is essential to revive it by cleaning it using the required procedure. To clean a kitchen can be overwhelming due to all the appliances as well as the utensils. However, it should no longer be a daunting task as listed below are simple procedures on how to clean a kitchen using homemade cleaning agents.

Tutorial on How to Clean a Kitchen

1. How to Clean a Toaster: toasters can get dirty and sticky because they are frequently used in the kitchen. Most people will concentrate cleaning the outside of the toaster while the inside of the toaster collects a lot of crumbs. Clean the outside of the toaster using distilled vinegar and then wipe with a cloth. To clean the inside one must pull out the drawer to expose the crumbs before shaking it to remove the bits. It is advisable to clean the toaster once per month.

2. Cleaning Stove Hood Filters: the stove or a microwave must have filters. The filters are metallic and must be cleaned at list after every six months to remove the dirt and the stickiness. Cover the filter with hot water after placing it in a sink; soak it for 10-15 minutes before removing the crease with a brush or a scrubber. Finally, rinse the filter in warm water and return it to the essential place.

3. How to Clean a Blender: a blender has much usage. Cleaning the appliance in a kitchen sink is not enough. Instead, one can put hot water in the blender then add one teaspoon of dish liquid. Close the mixer then pulse it for 10 minutes to allow the soap and water to mix, and clean the inside of the blender. Finally, pour out the mixture and rinse the blender with warm water.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips – YouTube

Cleaning the kitchen should no longer be stressful anymore, one can follow the simple procedures, and one is assured of a clean kitchen all the time.

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