Cleaning Your PC Just Got Easier

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What is “JetClean”?

JetClean is a free registry cleaner for your PC. The program scans your system quickly, and accurately. JetClean wipes out junk files that are in your Windows system, and free’s up the memory in your RAM. The best part about it? It’s all within the click of your mouse! Now, that sure is interesting. It also seems super easy, right?

More about the JetClean program.

JetClean works with Windows systems. It works with Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and even Windows XP. JetClean includes great tools to make sure that their system meets your needs. These tools include, but are not limited to System Defragger, Program Uninstaller, Start Up Optimizer, and so much more. Need a your internet to work more to your speed? JetClean also has an internet booster. It even has system information tools. Making it easy to operate such a detailed program.

How easy is JetClean to operate?

JetClean works with just the simple click of your mouse. That easily, it scans and repairs your PC. The system even reports itself when everything is completely repaired. Located in your settings, you can also set up an automatic clean for your PC. It can automatically clean everything from your Shortcuts, Windows, and even your Apps.

The Cons Of JetClean. One of the main issues that most people seem to have with this program is that it doesn’t provide a portable download. There is however a portable version available. This just means you can only use the install version of the program. Another Con may be that JetClean try’s to install unneeded programs to your PC during it’s original install.

The Pros of using JetClean. JetClean is extremely easy to use, with just the click of a mouse you can virtually run the entire program. Not to mention this program works very quickly to clean out your PC. Which means no more waiting hours, upon hours to use your system again. Most importantly, JetClean backs up your system automatically. There isn’t any worrying what you will lose!

What do others have to say about JetClean?

JetClean is a great program. Making it easy to operate was the best thing they could of done for JetClean. The program has specific buttons that you can click to make it even easier to fit your needs. Even the settings are simple, and easy to understand. One of users most favorite details was the “Scan and Repair” button. This is something that typically takes up a lot of time. You usually are waiting for long periods of time for programs to scan for bad files. Once that process is complete you have to then repair them. Which also is a long process. This program cuts that time in half. Making it even easier to use, and more beneficial to its users.

Why haven’t you downloaded JetClean yet? Do one more thing to make your life even easier when it comes to caring for your system!

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