Great Process for Backing up Your Operating System

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With the advent of the personal computer, the way that we view and store personal information has changed dramatically. Not only do we rely on the computer for everything from communicating with family, to looking up recipes, we also rely on the computer to store all of our sensitive information such as family photos, movies and memories. The computer is centered on a device which is called the hard drive, and sometimes after years of service the hard drive will fail on you. When this happens you will lose all of your information and it can be incredibly difficult to get it all back in one piece, luckily there is another way to do this that will save you a lot of time and heart ache.

What is Disk Imaging?

Disk Imaging is the process is backing up your entire operating system in its current state, and saving it in a disk image file. What this means is that you will be able to fully restore your computer back to a current state, whenever you take a screen shot of a certain time of the month that you want to have backed up. This is a great way to avoid having to completely reinstall your operating system, and then having to back up or rescue all of your files. Instead by taking a screen shot and saving it to a disk image, your computer will be restored back to its normal state.

Disk Imaging for Schools:

Another impressive thing about disk imaging is the fact that you can completely back up and save a current state, which means that if you have an environment where you need all of the computers to have the same configuration you can by saving a disk image and installing it on each machine in the work station group. This allows each computer to have the exact same operating system setup and layout, working in sync with the entire work group. This is the beauty of using disk imaging, which makes it easy to completely clone an entire desktop with ease.

Disk Imaging to Install Operating Systems:

Disk imaging is also the preferred method for installing an operating system, because the entire operating system installation disk can be copied to a blank optical disk or a USB flash drive. This also allows the installation to be self-booted with ease, without having to use any special software to make it install upon the start up. This makes disk imaging a great process for computer technicians and average desktop users alike. The ease of installation, and the variety of different formats make it a wonderful solution for fixing or copying an entire desktop setup with ease.

Disk Imaging is a Great Process:

There is no better process for backing up or installing an operating system then disk imaging, it is very easy and the software to do it is easy to find and install. Disk imaging makes restoring or copying an entire setup a breeze and will make your total computing experience much more pleasurable.

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