The Best Phone Chargers Of The Century

The Best Phone Chargers Of The Century
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Have you ever been out and about, and then suddenly you notice that your battery is at 2%? what do you do? You can feel the beads of sweat on your forehead as you run around town desperately seeking a place that has an outlet. You finally stumble across a Diner that takes pity on you, and allow you to use their outlet. You feel relieved, you still have one percent battery and you can finally take an Uber back home! UH-OH, you just remembered, You neglected to bring your phone charger out with you. This is a story that happens all too often in the 21st century.

One of the best investments that anybody with a smart phone can make heading into the 20s is on a portable phone charger. That is, if you DO NOT want to end up like last time with the 2% battery and no charger or outlet anywhere in the horizon. What does a portable phone charger do? silly rabbit, it allows you to charge your phone from your purse or pockets. That’s right, I said it, no outlet needed. What should you know about portable chargers so you know which one is best for you?


  1. The PHYSICAL SIZE is the very first thing you should take into consideration. What most people may not know is that portable chargers is not a “one size fits all” deal, every unique phone needs its unique charger. The physical size of the portable charger directly contributes to the battery capacity that the charger has. They come in different weights, sizes, shapes, colors, you name it.
  2. The BATTERY CAPACITY is he second most important trait in determining which charger to purchase. It all depends on how much power is needed to charge your phone bank. If you are the person that would like to have this charger in case of emergencies, as opposed to having it be the main way you charge your phone, then a power bank under 5,000 mAh will work out for you perfectly. If you are somebody that would like to use the charger multiple times a day, then go for a charger with over 10,000 mAh.
  3. USB PORTS is something to look at if you want to charge more than just your phone at the same time. The more USB ports are present, the more devices you are able to charge. Several chargers come with two ports. One of the ports is a 1A port and the second is an 2.1A port.
  4. CHARGING OUTPUT: As mentioned above, most portable chargers will come with either a 1A or 2.1A output port. There are some that come with both. Those specific numbers communicate the “the maximum rate of charging in amps”. Basically, what this means is the higher the amperage, the more quickly the device will charge. For most smart phones out there, a 1A output port will suffice. If you are somebody that likes the more antique flip phones, then in your case a 0.5A port will do quite nicely for you. If you possess an iPad or another tablet a 2.1A outport will do, and for laptops 3A ports will suffice.
  5. CASING and MATERIAL is the last thing to look at. Aluminum and silicone are great if you are out hiking or doing other outdoor activities. The more sturdy the material, the better.


The size really does matter when thinking of purchasing. For those who would prefer not to carry a brick (sized) charger in their pockets or purses, there are some chargers that can easily fit in your pockets and even in your wallets. The mini portable chargers weigh only 2 ounces, and are only 0.17 inches in thickness. The name of this little devil of a charger is the Slimger Ultra portable charger, and it is perfect for those concerned about weight and size. The most important thing to know about this charger outside of its convenient size is that it has its own built-in cable as well as a 1,400 mAh battery.

If you love to be in the outdoors, and you need to charge multiple objects, you are going to need an awesome power source. With this awesome power source you will need a more sizable device. Not to worry, the device is still much smaller than most laptops and TV sets. The Maxoak Ultra High Capacity is sure to come through for you with external battery packs of 50,000 milliamp hours of power. This is absolutely the best rout to go for people who like to travel or be outdoors.

The texture is crucial. The more rugged and durable the device the better when communing with nature. You want to assure yourself the material will withstand potential accidents like sand, or water damage. The kodiac 6000 featured by Outdoor Tech is said to be the perfect charger for being out in the grips of nature. This particular charger has a silicone shell that is sure to protect the device from accidental drops of water. The smaller alternative that is just as good as the Kodiac and is attachable to your traveler’s bag is the EasyAcc(R) Power Bank.


One stresser that you that will never have is the anxiety of forgetting your charger at your grandparent’s house. There are chargers that are built into your phone case. If you drain your phone battery before noon then the Mophie’s Juice Packs charger is ideal for you. This charger also has the possibility to double your battery life, but it depends on which charger you decide to purchase.


This is the great alternative for those who don’t want to carry around any phone charger at all. The way this works is by clipping it to your traveler’s backpack during the day, allowing the sun to fuel the battery. This is perfect for traveler’s because they wouldn’t need an outlet, and it is an alternative source of energy that is more earth friendly. You can find these solar chargers in apps like Poweradd and other online retailers would also carry them.


If you are a person that likes to have fun and you are someone that particularly enjoys Star Wars, the Darth Vader Lightsaber charger would be excellent for you! In fact, if you are a person that loves and collects super hero action figures and collectables, The Avengers charger will absolutely strike your fancy. There is a wide array of selections of different chargers that are aesthetically pleasing which serves that duel purpose of being both useful and pretty, for those whom have a taste for the ornate.


The reason these are the best chargers of the 21st century is because of its cleverness. They allow you to charge your cell phone (phones are crucial in the modern world, making laptops seem almost obsolete) any place, any time, and at no cost. In other words, you don’t have to stumble into a restaurant in the middle of the night and buy something in order to use their outlet. There is a myriad of portable chargers for every phone and personality, it is just a matter of finding the perfect one for your phone and for you.

If you would like to not deal with having to “charge a charger” I believe the Solar Charger is absolutely the best option. The fact that it uses sun energy as opposed to artificial energy is awesome. It is also a good buy because you do not have to worry about having to charge the charger over night. The natural sun light will take care of that.

For those who do not want to carry around a charger that weighs as much as a brick, there are alternatives explained in more depth above. But, essentially you can select one that is built-in to your phone, or get ones that are so light (2 ounces and .17 inches thick) that you can literally fit it comfortably in any type of wallet, purse, or pockets.

By the same token as explained earlier, if you want to charge multiple objects at once, this would generally require a larger charger. You would need one with the ability to charge a few objects at once, which means you would need a bigger charger. However, just because the charger is slightly more sizable doesn’t mean it is gargantuan. The portable charger must be feasible for travelers (it must still be light enough to be portable).

If you are a person that hikes or goes backpacking a larger, more durable charger with a silicone or aluminum exterior would be ideal because you will be out in the wilderness and accidents happen. The perfect chargers for the outdoors are listed above. In any case, happy charger shoping!

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