Top 7 Best USB Car Chargers You Should Buy

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It is never pleasant to be on your way to work, shopping, or whatever sort of outing, only to see the your phone battery is low. However, with a USB car phone charger adapter, this problem is solved because now you can charge it while driving. Here is a list of 10 USB car phone charger adapters.

1. CHGEEK Car Cup Charger

CHGEEK made this unique charger to fit in a vehicle’s cup holder. Not only does it have two USB ports to charge two different devices but also it has two cigarette lighters with their own on/off switches. It is made with high-quality fire-proof materials as well as high quality components to keep it from overheating or overloading.

2. Car Charger – JEBSENS- 4in1

The LED display of this charger cycles between the internal temperature of your car (or the charger’s temperature when a device is charging), devices charging, and the voltage of the car’s battery. The fast dual USB ports have a combined 3.1 amps (15W) to make sure the device charging has the correct amperage.

3. iSunnao Lightning Fast Dual USB 5 Amp Car Charger

iSunnao’s charger features a 5Amp 25W Dual Rapid charger with LED display for various mobile devices. It prevents overcharge and undercharge by turning itself off when input and output current exceeds safety current. The LED shows information about your car battery and phone charging.

4. Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This car charger has universal compatibility, allowing it to work with almost any device. With a built-in microphone it also offers you hands-free calling. Its USB port charges your phone or other mobile device(s). It is easy to use with your radio and phone because of Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

5. SUNGOLDPOWER 12 V/24 V Car Charger

This charger from Sungoldpower has three USB ports for your phone and other devices. The LED display shows you the voltage of your car battery. It also works with many other mobile devices so that if what you have uses a USB cable, it will likely be compatible with this car charger.

6. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

This is one of the smallest USB charger adapters ever with two USB ports and an LED light for locating them at night. The PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology combine to give you the fastest charge possible with a rate of 2.4 amps per port. It is also CE and FCC certified for safety and reliability.

7. CHGeek Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter 3.4A Dual USB Car Charger

This dual USB charger not only charges your phone, but with integrated Bluetooth and a microphone, you have hands-free calling as well as FM radio streaming. You can also use a flash drive or card reader for your own personal playlist.

For those on the go a lot, a car charger is necessary to avoid having your phone battery being low. While all of these ten car phone charger adaptors are great, the SUNGOLDPOWER 12 V/24 V Car Charger Dc 5V 6.1A 3 USB is the best among them. It is the only one with three USB ports so that you can use two extra devices and charge your phone. Also, it is a universal charger so it can be used for more than just your phone.

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